The Most Popular Funny Commercial Funniest Jokes: The Most Popular Funny Commercial

The Most Popular Funny Commercial

Reebok makes another sexy Funny Commercial where the boobs/breasts are talking this time about how they are getting less attention since the butt is getting way more toned up. The idea is to advertise the shoes and how they work out and tone your leg and butt muscles.

A sexy blonde is walking along the train tracks when a train is coming. She strips into her underwear and leaves the Levis jeans across the track. As they are laid across the track, a train runs over it, and she puts it back on now after the train cut the pants and made them into shorts. As the train passes by all the passengers are looking at the blonde in her underpants.

Looks like Natalie ThighBlaster in an Australian commercial for RC Cola, a popular soda that many enjoy. Classic commercial from the Mid-1970's.

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