Christmas Yard Decorations Funniest Jokes: Christmas Yard Decorations

Christmas Yard Decorations

Although it looks like a guy trying to commit suicide, this is actually a -very unusual- Christmas Yard Decorations. As soon as it was set some people tried to save him! The thing went too far when a 55 year old lady grabbed a ladder, put it against the house and almost killed herself climbing to the top just to realize that it was fake. So, only 2 days after it was set, the Christmas Yard Decorations had to be taken down.

Funny for some, tasteless for others, but definitely an original Christmas decoration.

I see why I didn't get my Christmas presents!

And speaking about Christmas spirit...

The sign says it all... (Taken by Sigre M.)

Nino Pizzeria's Christmas Decoration

No, it's not a horror movie scene. This decoration -outside the New York City residence of Joel Krupnik and Mildred Castellanos- is said to have been created to make a statement against the commercialization of the holiday.

Some reindeer love

This Christmas decoration is the result of a man's sudden inspiration. Kris Marshall was hauling a generator and a few strands of Christmas lights to his church in a $50 used truck. Suddenly, he came up with the idea of combining both and The Christmas Truck was born.

Oops! Seems like somebody ran over Santa.

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