Rude Jokes and Rude Funny Pictures Funniest Jokes: Rude Jokes and Rude Funny Pictures

Rude Jokes and Rude Funny Pictures

Rude jokes and Rude Funny Pictures are taken far too seriously! I mean dirty and adult jokes are just funny! Laughter, Rude Quotes, Funny Commercials and Hilarious Pics are just a means of shaking off the stress of everyday life. I think humour is an important part of our personality that we should hold onto. It's my believe that we should all chill out and enjoy ourselves!

Ok so on this site I'm not gonna hold back in the least… Except for racist humor! I'm not racist! Eventhough I don't mind people making rude jokes about me! I'm a little posh girl and am the butt of lots of blonde jokes and even some sick ones too! I just laugh it off!

So I've put together some funny images which I'm certain your gonna like! These are the categories that I'm going to be using…

I'll start by publishing some adult jokes which will basically be lots of adult humor and I will be chucking in some political comedy too! I will then go on to put out some blonde silly stuff because after all I'm blond and it's always good to chuckle at yourself!

There's some really great information on the Internet today. It's as if we've been given this amazing opportunity to share with online groups and have fun together. It's allowing people from all over the world to network in social environments. I'm really taking advantage of this to get my own ideas out into the world.

You can probably see what this jokes site is about. It's aimed at letting go and forgetting any worries or being 'PC' and just being silly, stupid and a bit crazy at times!

I will have a section on short rude jokes and some more funny pages coming soon. But as I mentioned before I won't display racist jokes! It's bad taste… I'm almost thinking … "c'mon this is supposed to be a rude jokes blog!" And some Nazi ones and some other racial content can be pretty funny despite it being quite rude. However, I have decided against it and will Not display this humour! It's not right to single people out and laugh at them; short people jokes are the same, it's not their fault and we shouldn't pick up on it just for a Fun Picture!

Well here's a rude blonde joke which my boyfriend found hysterical…

OK so there's 3 blondes in a lift, suddenly the lift comes to a halt and the lights go out. First they try and call for help by using their mobile phones… but no luck. The phone's have no signal.

After a couple of hours being stuck with no sign of help, 1 blond says to the others 'I think the best way to call for help is by shouting together.'

The others agree, and they take a deep breath and begin to shout 'Together, together, together.'

Yeah I know it's not that great but I'll also have some Dirty Jokes coming soon! You like that don't you! The dirtier the better… the ruder they are, the funnier they turn out to be.

So I will be displaying:

* Starting with rude jokes and some more the best jokes.

* Short jokes; only the shortest and funniest. And of course some sms jokes.

* I'll be going for a couple of knock knock jokes, they aren't just funny jokes for kids you know! For a start I'd be the first to say that kids jokes rock!

* Sick jokes and some quite offensive ones.

* Your momma or yo momma jokes are the best and I don't mind what you say! You just have to love the mama's!

* Some blonde and brunette jokes!

You know I'm not going to bore you with silly details, I'm just going to provide some fantastic funny articles and content for you to read. I'll also be publishing videos, audios and all other kinds of multi media. So stick around and you'll surly find exactly what it is that you need.

I hope you all realize why I have decided to create Funniest pictures. I have done so as I feel that there are no rude jokes sites online that are worth spending more then 5 minutes at. They all contain boring stuff and are just made to make money for the selfish owners.

Here's some more sections I'll be building…

1. Short rude and Humorous Pictures !

2. Do you know anyone who's to be married? Tell a couple of wedding jokes at the end of the marriage ceremony.

3. Isn't it nice when somebody remembers your birthday with special birthday jokes? ha ha

4. Irish jokes which I guess could almost be considered as racist but they don't go that far. These are the more tasteless jokes however…

5. I've prepared some adult humour! These are always really funny and oh so humorous.

6. I couldn't forget a few christian un's now could I… religious humor rules! I believe in God by the way!

7. Clean jokes because I guess I have to considering all the dirty and rude humour I'm including!

8. One liner jokes are hilarious! I'm gonna put quite a few of these ones in for sure.

9. And how could I forget the really dirty jokes!

I don't think I'm alone in this world. There's surly other people who share my passion of laughter and having a good time. Sometimes I think that our communities are so uptight. It's as if we need to relax and just stop fighting the world around us. To start to embrace each other as brothers and feel true freedom.

Well, that's about it! My aim is to have the rudest blog on the web. Those are the kind of Funniest jokes I will be publishing for you! Basically I've spent time deciding which ones fit together the best and come up with the funniest site! I'll also be publishing a joke of the day by the way! And remember this is all in the name of humor! The fact is I'm actually rather intelligent… I just so happen to have a taste for rude jokes.

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