Green Anaconda – Biggest in The World Funniest Jokes: Green Anaconda – Biggest in The World

Green Anaconda – Biggest in The World

Do you know what is the biggest snake species in the world?? the biggest snake in the world title was belong to Green Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus) founded in South America. this Green Anacondas was bigger and longer than Phyton.

This Green anaconda can growth more than 8.8 metres or 29 feets with weight more than 227kg and has a 30cm diameter. in all anaconda species, these Green Anaconda was the biggest one. the female green anaconda has a bigger body than the male one.

The Green Anaconda is almost the world’s longest snake reaching 6–10m (19.8 to 33 feet) long, rivaled only by the reticulated python (python reticulatus). Although there have been reports of snakes 15-20m being seen and tales of snakes ranging from 40-50m long, it is highly unlikely that these snakes could get any longer than 15m at the most. The heaviest one found weighed around 250kg. There is a $50,000 cash reward for anyone that can catch a snake 30 feet or longer, though the prize has not been claimed yet.

The color pattern consists of olive green background overlaid with black blotches along the length of the body. The head is narrow compared to the rest of the body, usually with distinctive orange-yellow striping on either side. The eyes are set high on the head, allowing the snake to see out of the water while swimming without exposing its body.

Now after we see several big animal in the Funniest Picture such as Biggest dog, fishing shark, largest stingray, Crocodile Biggest The World and now let’s see this Green Anaconda – Biggest in The World

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