The Most Popular Funny Commercials Funniest Jokes: The Most Popular Funny Commercials

The Most Popular Funny Commercials

Motorola: Your Wife Called

Phone rings, and the guy picks up, its a woman dancing around and stripping. He quickly closes the phone and another guy walks in and says, "your wife called". HAHA.

Harley Davidson: Respect

The idea here is to respect guys that drive the Harley Davidson.

Godaddy: Car Wash

Candice Michelle washes a car.

Jeep: Bouncy and Fun

Just some girl driving a Jeep.

Satis-Fashion Footwear: Polishing Shoes

Woman mistakes guy for doing something else. The guy is only polishing his shoes with a brush.

Foreplay Beer: A Man's Favorite Tool

Woman is dissappointed when she finds a TV remote control under the bedsheet.

Godaddy Proceedings

Go Daddy commercial for the superbowl that didn't make the cut. "Secure her! She's having a wardrobe malfunction"

Banned Commercial Office XP

A guy is making out with a chick, but he can't unlock the bra because he is prompted for a password. "The unexpected experience"

Brusters Real Ice Cream

Guy tries to go see a topless chick, but it turns out not to be a topless trick.

Blaupunkt Audio

European audio commercial about a speaker system. The stuffed bunnies are jumping/humping to the music.

Choco, Party, Good Good - Japanese Commercial

This is hilarious. Shoot, if that candy makes chicks do that, I'll buy the company. The Xylophone in the background caters to kids while the bouncing boobs caters the the adults. What's she staring at on that last Choco? Can anyone translate the Japanese stuff?

Banned: Priceless Visa Commercial

whu really has a intercom on the door wit a house so basic like dat but it was funny nd ha daddy a purv!

Rejected Godaddy Commercial

Things get steamy in "Kissing Booth" when the Go Daddy girl and a dignified gentleman spend a little too much time face-to-face.

Funny Commercial for German Optics

German optics commercial. Oops, she chose the wrong stick.

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